Top Things To Consider When Getting New Roof Installation in Chesapeake VA

As if homeownership wasn’t enough of a headache already with bills, repairs, and upkeep, to TOP it all off (see what we did there?), you now have to worry about the very thing protecting it all overhead. You can keep your house in ship shape 24/7, 365. But if you have even the slightest leak in that dome of yours (still talkin’ roofs here), the rest of your home becomes a ticking time bomb for disaster. Especially for the already wet areas, like Pungo, Grassfield, Deep Creek, and Great Bridge, keeping your roof sealed tight is a struggle in and of itself. A simple patch job with a few shingles after a big storm might suffice in other certain parts of the country. But around here in Hampton Roads, you really have to tackle the underbelly of the roof to keep you and your family safe in the long term. And this is where it really pays to hire a reputable roofing company  that can offer expert advise about the materials to go with and the approach to take, rather than just agreeing to slap on whatever cheap cardboard your budget had in mind. Investing in a durable, quality roof will save you tons of money for the 50+ years it’s going to last. Anyone else noticing how “30 year shingles” never seem to last half that long? Yeah, us too. There are countless “roofing companies” out there who have made their business nothing short of an exceedingly effective (cost effective especially) assembly line. And that’s where the trouble first sets in. Those poor customers have already been set up for failure. 

So let’s get started with how to get started. First, make sure the companies are properly class A licensed and insured. In recent decades, roofing professionals in Chesapeake have come a long way. Whether it be traditional veneer installation or slate tile repairs, these individuals have mastered their trade and the art of making roofs. Because of this, many homeowners in the area are turning to roofers in Chesapeake to provide them with all of their needs for repairing and replacing their roofs. However, choosing the proper materials is important for any roofer.
Since 1991, when The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released the official recommended guidelines for the types of materials used in new roof installation, roofing professionals in Chesapeake have had an easier time determining the right materials to use for their clients. At that time, the main types of roofing materials in use were tiles, metal and shingles. For a long time, people simply used tiles or other material for new roof installation in Chesapeake because they were easy to install and affordable. But since then, new roofing materials such as slate tiles and metal are gaining popularity.

It is for precisely this reason that new roofing materials are constantly appearing on roofs in Chesapeake. Roofers in Chesapeake will all tell you that metal roofing is by far the most popular choice among homeowners. Of course, slate, stone, clay and ceramic roofs can also be very attractive. No matter what type of roofing material homeowners decide to use in their homes, however, a major consideration is the durability and life span of the roof. A major concern in both of these areas is the presence of mold.

Mold is an ever present concern, especially since one of the main components of a metal roof in Chesapeake is the metal itself. When it comes to the types of mold that need to be removed, a major concern for a roofing company in Chesapeake is the growth of algae. It is for this reason that it is absolutely necessary that a contractor in the area to remove any algae that has formed on the roof.

The use of chemicals as a means of prevention is just not an advisable practice. Instead, a major concern is the use of sealants and cleaners that can damage the aesthetics of the metal roofs. As a result, a major part of the metal roofing installation process involves the use of an encapsulation system. This is a highly effective way of combating the growth of mold without detracting from the appearance of the home. In fact, many homeowners actually prefer the look of the metal roofs over the more traditional clay or slate roofs because of the seamless and low maintenance qualities that they provide. If a homeowner wishes to keep his roof pristine, however, he must be willing to make the necessary sacrifices in terms of the type of maintenance and care he wishes to engage in.

Homeowners in Chesapeake who are looking for installation services in order to combat the growth of algae and prevent further water infiltration should be on the lookout for two types of companies. The first group consists of certified integrity consultants. These consultants will be able to offer homeowners the best advice based upon their understanding of the Chesapeake climate and the effect that external pollution has upon the structure of the building. At the same time, these consultants will be able to offer the best services in terms of price. When it comes to pricing, these consultants will typically work in close conjunction with the roofer in order to find the most affordable options. As a result, a homeowner may be able to save money when dealing with a Chesapeake specialist.

The second group of professionals that homeowners in Chesapeake should be looking for when it comes to installation services is the company that offers siding services. Typically, the larger companies will only offer replacement windows as one of their main products. However, smaller companies can provide homeowners with all kinds of siding services. This includes custom vinyl siding, metal replacement windows, siding panels for commercial buildings, and more.

Regardless, of which type of professional you choose to work with, both of these important services should be provided by your new roofing company. Furthermore, you should take advantage of any free inspections that your provider offers. By doing this, you can ensure that your home is properly protected from external pollution as well as from the effects of age. After all, no one wants to purchase a home with defective shingles or other components.

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